To kick off summer 2022 we visit both east coast and west coast beaches.  Starting in Deerfield Beach, Fla where the water was in the low 80’s.  Perfect for float’n.  There we tested the new inflatable proto-type float.  Easy to inflate, perfect for travel, and extremely relaxing.   We are expecting our line of inflatables to be available for Fall 2022 orders.

As the Board is to Surfing, the Float’n Thang is to Floating

Our timing was perfect to view the surfing event held at Huntingdon Beach.  We enjoyed getting out and meeting many beachgoers to share exactly how the Float’n Thang makes staying above the water line so easy and fun to use.  Be sure to check out our other videos and photos posted under #FloatnThang

When floating it doesn’t take long until someone asks,  “Can I ask what you are floating on?”  That leads to sharing how to be safe around water and always have your functional float nearby.     

We enjoyed using the float while snorkeling.  To be able to take a break, float, and clear the mask, can only be done easily on the Float’n Thang.   I’ve snorkeled since 1974 and Deerfield Beach, Fla was the first place my father took me.   Now June 2022 I get to relive the moments while videoing undersea life by the pier.  Keep in mind on that day, there was a special event allowing divers and snorkelers to enjoy the time under the pier.  Typically that would not be allowed for safety reasons.

Product Update:  As we move into the summer of 2022 we are pushing ahead to get our new line of solid floats constructed.  Due to supply chain issues as outlined in our June 2022 post, we are hoping to see the new units by August.

Product Availability:  Check both of our websites: and this site A limited supply was also sent to Amazon

Help Children – Drowning Prevention Water Safety – Project  #FloatnThangWaterSafety www.HISKIDS.Life.   Tax-Deductible Donations Welcomed

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HAVE A HAPPY 4th of JULY HOLIDAY – Footage taken by Doug Masi on July 2nd