theMarketed as a multi-use personal flotation device, the Float’n Thang® is an Innovation in Flotation for Zero Gravity Floating. The design allows for free movement while the body experiences in-water weightlessness of free-floating, unlike most other single-purpose floats that keep individuals on top or completely out of the water.

The Float’n Thang design unit has been tested & used by some of the top rehabilitation centers in the country.  Read more on Barrows in Phoenix, AZ Romanian teen underwent surgery for a rare condition in Phoenix

Float in Zero Gravity Weightlessness

Float in Zero Gravity Weightlessness as shown on Fox News being used at Barrow Neurological Center of Phoenix


The custom-designed features allow the device to function as an amazing in-water float, allowing the user to float in different positions with the custom-designed headrest/neck rest combo. Individuals using this float can move quickly through the water while enjoying a relaxed back swim style.

The user gets to experience the benefits of Zero Gravity floating by choosing to float in the traditional or reverse arm float position.   It comes with built-in beverage holders, allowing the user to stay hydrated in the summer heat. This diverse device can function out of the water in a variety of ways as well, such as using it on a paddleboard for holding items, added safety, and as covenient personal flotation for taking a break from standing on the board. A safety leash can be attached to the built-in loop on the rear of the inflatable device. The solid device is so durable; it can be used as a temporary boat bumper for smaller vessels.

Float in Zero Gravity Weightlessness

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Innovation in Perfect Flotation

EXPERIENCE ZERO GRAVITY - Go on, you deserve it!

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Imagine feeling no weight, your entire body just floating as you engage the Float’n Thang with your arms extended in a relaxed position. 

  • Your body will instant warmth and soothing sensations, as the Float’nThang lifts you into a sense of weightlessness.   
  • A supple, yet firm headrest and built-in beverage holders accentuate the Float’nThang, making it the Ultimate in Luxury Flotation.
  • The inflatable is quick to inflate and deflate for easy packing on your next travel destination.

Ask about the 10 amazing stretches from head to toe, done exclusively with the custom-designed Float’nThang®.   See this site for details  → Visit our Micro Site for Tips and Updates. 

EXPERIENCE ZERO GRAVITY - Go on, you deserve it!