Several Float'n Positions

Several Different Ways to Float with One Thang

Underarm Float

Very relaxing and your beverages are within easy reach.

Saddle Float

Great for conversations or a little “horseplay”. You can even race your Thangs. Ride’em cowboy!

The Amazing Back Float

Stretch your Thang out all the way, then stretch yourself out on top centering on your spine, keeping your core engaged. CauNon: Might not work for pro basketball players.

Reverse Underarm

Supports the body and leaves arms free to swim.

Hammock Float

From the Saddle Float just push the front part down and the back part up for great head/neck support.

The Double Duty

Double the buoyancy – double the fun. Gets even us Double XL guys float’n. Use standard underarm or reverse.

The Tandem Lazy Lounger

For this extremely relaxing float you’ll need a willing partner. Guaranteed to bring friends close and couples closer.


Doug paddl'n out of the marina

Thang lends some needed back support


And Just Plain Relax’n

Float'n Thang is a great temporary boat fender

An easy way to stow your Thang

Sort of a mini lounge chair

Hey Doug, I hope you remembered the sunblock