Salt River, Arizona – Water Safety Awareness for Kids Became a Life-Saving Event. Water Safety For Kids



Water Safety Rescue

Water Rescue during a safety awareness event

Sept 15, 2018:   While holding a fun floating event for the FloatnThang water safety, the gang was at the right place at the right time.  Hearing a faint but stressed call for help from a little girl, we knew something was not right.  Two children (boy & girl) under 8 yrs of age, got sucked out by the fast current and trapped on the far bank. Neither of the children had any form of flotation or water safety device.  The members went into action and swam to their rescue with Float’n Thangs in tow.

It took place late afternoon and at the time there were no others nearby other than mom and dad on the other side.  Dad swam out but also got quickly winded as he had no flotation. Everything happened so fast, there was only time to get to the other side.  “I just happened to have my swim fins and two devices at my side,” said Doug Masi founder of the Float’n Thang.  He and Pete Cabrera (business partner) swam to the other side.  Having the power of swim fins and extra Float’n Thangs, we were able to supply flotation to help the adults carry the children back.   Doug had the fins on so he could help pull Pete with the little girl on his back out of the strong current to the shoreline.  The kids got on the back of each man and held on. The FloatnThang ( in reverse arm float) provided perfect buoyancy for the swim back and was easy to get into position quickly.

Water Safety for Kids starts with Fun Flotation they will use

Float’n Thang Team at Salt River

“We were truly in the right place at the right time,” said Pete.   We a just received our new banner sign and headed out to the Salt River.

The device is easy to get in place as it fits around the human body like a glove.  The Float’n Thang is an amazing fun product to use.  We had other enjoying their perfect float for the 1st time. Like floating on their backs.    It is one device to have around as kids love it.  Water Safety for kids can start with having a fun device like the FloatnThang Flotation nearby.

One person named David indicated that floating on his back reminded him when he floated like that in the Dead Sea.  “Everyone has to try the back float,” said, David.  I’ve never experienced this cool way to relax in the water. The device offers many great ways to float and gives me the feeling of free-floating without a vest or large inflatable under me.

Each device has these words embedded on the back.  “Always watch children around water”   It’s so important to remind people about that.  Water Safety for Kids starts with watching and providing proper flotation for them even if they know how to swim. 

Flotation great Water Safety for Kids

New Flotation Banner


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  • Help improve water safety for kids, by having flotation that they can enjoy that is designed for most adults to use. 
  • By adding an extra Thang anyone can stay about the water.
  • Perfect Flotation for any Pool. Having extras may just make the pool a safer place.


Exciting Updates for September 2018:

Submitted to Chipstarter 2.0 Reality Show:   See video here:

Large Aquatic Facility to feature the FloatnThang as ideal flotation for rehab efforts.   Story coming soon.

New Sign (Floating Banner) along with Get Float’n Sunglasses, Koozies and T-Shirts  “All Coming Soon”