Carol felt this product needed to get out to everyone for this coming summer swimming season.   Not only for wellness benefits provided by low-impact in-water exercising, rather the added safety tip provided by Doug Masi founder of the Float’n Thang brand. 

Carol’s show is known around the valley of Phoenix, Arizona for introducing products and services as well as important topics for the betterment of all her listeners.     AM 1100 Radio –  1:00 pm Arizona,  PST during spring-fall. 

Take a moment to listen in on why she felt it was important to bring Doug in to explain the details of how he has taken the solid design and added new features into a durable inflatable device.   Easy to use and quick to inflate.    Noted below are a few key featured points under the video interview. 


Order Here – Shipping in 3 days or less.  Let’s get you, your friends, and family all float’n above the waterline.