At the age of 92,’ Bob had a stroke earlier in the year.  He is an active adult at his age and always had a routine of taking a walk early in the morning.  However, due to the stroke, those walks were no longer his best or safest option for exercise.

Thankfully his son-in-law Doug (founder of the Float’n Thang™ brand) suggested trying the New Inflatable Zero Gravity personal flotation in his pool.  As Doug indicated,  “It’s designed for in-water pedaling and low-impact fitness”. It features a headrest for using the device in the traditional flotation positions, or it becomes a neck rest for the reverse arm float.  Several of Doug’s customers are not able to have function of their legs and are fully disabled from the waist down, use the Float’n Thang in the position.  See Jeannie and her mother’s review. 

After giving him a float and showing how easy it is, Bob is in the pool every day using the float for his new form of exercise.  Aqua Therapy which he calls “a lifesaver”.  

The video tells the rest.  SEE HERE