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One Easy Travel Float’n Thang Zero Gravity Flotation


We are taking pre-orders for our newly designed personal floats.  Our new design features a colorful palm design and is ideal for your next trip.   Purchase by the four-pack and save.   

ZERO GRAVITY Low Impact Wellness Personal Float

During cool months Perfect for that hot tub.  During the summer months stay cool in your pool this summer.  Usages include both in-water and out-of-water.  See photos for examples.

For example:

Every FloatnThang® flotation device comes with two built-in beverage holders. Place it on your board, on the beach, by your pool, in your boat, or float it anywhere. Your beverages and extras are right there with you.

Are you tired of that backache only worsening from sitting in your office chair?  The cushion’s soft properties provide extra back support when sitting in just about any chair.  Of course, The ONLY Flotation Device works as a beach or poolside lounge chair.  That’s where those beverage holders come in handy.  Move the Thang into position as desired, and your back will thank you.  Use it on the beach just by itself. Outstanding head and armrest.



UPDATE: Pre-Order Opportunity for 2023!  The product is completed and expected ready to ship to customers in late April early May.  Save today with Discounted Flat Rate Shipping $5 per box

Enjoy our patented Zero Gravity Multi-Use Device.  A product that provides many functions outside of just floating.    We use durable vinyl in the construction of each float.

Benefits:   • Allows for freedom of leg and arm movement. • Easy to pack for travel anywhere where water is a destination.  •  Limited Inflation Needed  • Low Impact Wellness for in-water therapy and Fitness   • Floating Device •Cushion Headrest • Built-in Beverage Holders  • Back Support  • Easy to attach items to     •Provides stable flotation support.    Consider The FloatnThang™ as the MacGyver of personal flotation.  Simple to use, without strings, ropes, or clips, and drys off in seconds.

In-Water physical activity has proven to allow the joints and muscles to recover and heal from an injury.  Our custom-designed shaped float hugs the core.  Simply rest and experience the weightlessness of zero gravity that being in the water can offer.  Most floats are restrictive, confined to floating on top of the water.  Our design allows the body to float upright, allowing the back to rest, giving you immediate relief from tension, and helping reduce the stress levels that gravity presents daily to our bodies.

The Float’n Thang brand has been used by an organization that assists individuals who struggle with physical disabilities. . See the coverage from Fox News Coverage Showing Float in Use. 

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Weight.65 lbs
Dimensions9 × 9.75 × 2 in


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One size fits all.    22" X 24" of Quality Vinyl Each product box is. 9" x 9.75" x 2"