Versatile and Flexible Leash


Leash Stretchable Strap Lanyard Rope for Attaching to Personal Float’n Thang Built-in Loop.   


Made of high-grade nylon woven strap and elastic bungee cord, the leash has good ductility and durability. The alloy carabiner is stainless steel gate, no more worry about the water corrosion. And the length of 5-7ft is enough for most needs.

The float leash is also made of lightweight and soft material, making it easy to carry and will not be your burden to float when using. The lightweight leash will not add difficulty to your swimming experience.

The leash is designed for hassle-free use. Simply attach one end of the leash to your float via the safety loop with the carabiner and connect the other end (loop) to your wrist or to your boat or life jacket using the carabiner. It’s that easy!   Not recommended for hard pulling or towing as that could damage float.  




Very Stretchable

Quality Carabiner Clip

Stretchable Safety Leash

Size Chart

5' to 7' Reach Color:  Orange Not recommended for towing as this could cause damage to personal flotation. Personal flotation is not certified as a life-saving device.    Always recommend using a life vest for children and while using float in deep water or conditions with current, TIP:   Using a set of swim fins will allow for quick mobility.