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HAPPY NEW YEAR 2023 Float’n Thang® Gang

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2023 Float’n Thang® Gang

We want to wish everyone a Safe and Happy New Year! 2022 has been a crazy year regarding storms, fires, and fuel prices. Sometimes mother nature and other factors cause many businesses to fail. We know how tough it can be for small businesses to succeed. Many who...

The Inflatable Test

Using the Inflatable Thang

Float'n Thang Used by Barrow Neurological Center

Michelle Share how her Son Enjoys Floating

Dad and Son Float'n

Why get restricted to a seat float? Lounge, pedal, and enjoy zero gravity personal floating for under $25

Even the little guys love it

Snorkeling, Beaching and Fun Float'n

Strap to the back and hit the beach Float’n

Float'n Thang Innovation in Flotation

Excellent personal flotation #floatnthang

Fins and Floats make snorkeling safer

We can’t wait to go float’n

Girls Group Float with Beverages in Hand

Get the gang and their Float’n Thang and Get Float’n


Zero Gravity Fitness & Flexibility
Zero Gravity (G) Aquatic Flotation - Fitness Benefits

One float offers maximum zero gravity flexibility.

Two positions for aqua pedaling. Shown in forward and reverse arm positions

Top rehabilitation organization chooses to use the Float’n Thang for their patients. The solid design is shown here.

Ideal for Resort Lazy Rivers and Pools

Perfect for Boat'n and Float'n

How to Get Float'n in under 60 Seconds