We want to wish everyone a Safe and Happy New Year!

2022 has been a crazy year regarding storms, fires, and fuel prices. Sometimes mother nature and other factors cause many businesses to fail. We know how tough it can be for small businesses to succeed. Many who produce products, simply stop making them due to tight or no margins. Margin is the amount of money remaining after a product is sold. Shipping and freight costs chew into the margin in a big way. Shipping containers that were once $4000 per unit hit as high as $20,000. Even if the price decreases, units produced and shipped under the higher prices still have to be sold in accordance. If pricing is not adjusted, the loss must be absorbed with hopes for a better return. The product might even have to be re-engineered.

Float'n Thang Inflatable Low Impact personal device. Functions In and out of the water

Inflatable Thang Zero Gravity Float

This is one of the main reasons for introducing the inflatable version of our Float’n Thang. It will be more cost-effective to ship, with 48 units fitting in the same box used to ship 4 solid floats. An inflatable float will also make it easier for traveling and storing.

Update:  The new inflatable will still feature many of the same designs as the original solid float, such as the 2 beverage holders in the arms. New features include a tropical palm pattern, a carrying strap, and a rear safety loop (to attach a safety line), and a recessed head/neck rest, designed to support the neck while in the reverse floating position.  The new inflatable will also allow us to offer our patented designed product at a much lower price than the solid float and still allow our customers to enjoy low-impact zero gravity water activities. 

It’s great for in-water-pedaling and countless hours of enjoyable float’n.  shown by Doug 

Be sure to check out the demo video of the new float by founder/inventor Doug Masi

As you can see, we completed before 2023, our new SELL SHEET for the Low Impact Zero Gravity Inflatable Thang

Easy to use.  Most of all, enjoying time safely above the waterline. One can always benefit from a little added water safety.

The Inflatable Thang Product Detail Sheet:

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For Videos and More on the Float’n Thang use this link:
Demo in Action:    YouTube:  How Easy to Use