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We are in the process of moving forward with our new colorful, designed inflatable.  Sales will not take place until late 2022.  We are aiming for some ideal opportunities to co-brand and offer the floats on larger scale retail.    For whole & co-branding opportunities, please visit https://floatnthang.com/corp-branding/

This will make it easier to travel, store, and get the pricing more affordable over the solid floats.    So many items are being affected by the higher cost of fuel which pushes shipping pricing up.  The inflatable design is projected to retail for under $19.99.  Best of all, it will not require a large shipping box.   

Fun and exciting new Zero-Gravity Inflatable floats

We would love to know what color of choice you would prefer.

Our current polling is giving “C” the #1 choice.

We will be working on packaging design and may consider having an easy carry mesh back for display and storing.

Many steps to cover in the process of new product development. If you are on our VIP list, you’ll be the 1st notified of the new floats.  At this moment, we are working on having the solid floats available for Pre-Sale (June Delivery)    The VIP update members will also be notified of any new discount code specials. 

The store will carry the Inflatable version, and the pre-order discounts should begin once delivery dates are confirmed.  Expected before this coming Christmas

Be sure to check back and or visit our profile page link at. https://shor.by/FloatnThang