New Flotation Helps at Annual Helping Hands for Single Moms – Eddie Johnson & Friends Event

As several of us from the Float’n Thang organization walked into the luxurious Scott Resort and Spa, located in Scottsdale, Az, we may have momentarily forgotten why we’re there in the first place. The beautiful modern decor and surroundings, the layout and enormous fireplace,….and then it comes flooding back. You are one of the privileged attendees of the “Eddie Johnson and FriendsHelping Hands for Single Moms” fundraiser. As you walk past the dozens of commemorative basketballs on display, just waiting to be autographed (for your generous donation), by one of the many NBA and NFL athletes present, you come upon and enter the large banquet hall. You immediately get a glimpse of the enormous and extravagant buffet on display.Sports Eddie Johnson and Friends Event

As you casually glance around the room,  you witness games of chance and a mock casino setting complete with roulette, blackjack, and craps. For the next few hours, you’ll get to hobnob with the likes of Eddie Johnson, Dan Majerle, and Larry Fitzgerald, (who was not there at this event, but who has been in attendance at past events)  to name a few. Once the stars in your eyes come into focus, you realize the importance of the evening. You have an opportunity to help raise funds and awareness for a cause that is extremely close to the Phoenix Suns’ alumnus, Eddie Johnson’s heart. As those present disperse and mingle throughout the large hall, some head immediately to the luscious buffet as others are compelled to try their luck amongst all the different activities set up. The DJ  spins his music, keeping everyone in a festive mood as the dance floor gradually starts to fill up. As the evening progressed, there came a point when Eddie Johnson takes the stage and everyone listens intently and is reminded what an elegant speaker he is. He introduces himself and begins to tell the story of how he and his 6 siblings were raised by a single mother. As he figuratively scratches his head, he seems to still be perplexed at how she accomplished this feat. The mix of hard times and joy seems to have paid off. He is later joined on stage by celebrity athletes who have been continually helping his cause, as well as some of the “moms” that have benefited, sharing stories of their own personal struggles and subsequent victories.


The Float’n Thang team (the Thang Gang) is proud to have been part of this wonderful evening and cause. We have included our desire to give back to the community through charity, water safety awareness starting with our product embedded reminder “Always Watch Children Around Water“, and helping children with life-sustaining needs through organizations like these.   We have all come away from that night knowing we’ve done just that.

Flotation Helps with Disabilities: The Innovative Flotation Device is experiencing wonderful feedback from others who have to live with disabilities, such as David who has never walked. See Davids video here at www.HISKids.Life  –    A portion of each unit sold allows for donated products and needed supplies to help children.  HISKids is an NPO project sponsored by 

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