The big kick-off of the Float’n Thang brand floats.  Starting in 2018 the float was introduced during spring 2018 at the Desert Storm Event Block Party – Held at Lake Havasu.

Shown here is the original solid float design.  “We plan on bringing them back into production just as soon as our country’s manufacturing and supply chain issues get restored to normal,” said Pete the business partner of Float’n Thang brand

He went on to say, “Our customers love the solid version float.  However, many electrical and technical parts are needed to run the tooling, which has caused manufacturing holts.”

For the summer of 2023, we launched an inflatable version that our users who struggle with physical limitations found the personal flotation to work amazingly well.   After reading this message from a mother on Mother’s Day, regarding her daughter.  I’m glad we moved to launch the Zero Gravity Low Impact Float.  


Personal Flotation for Low Impact Floating