Version Two Testing foam absorption, without final color coat.

Why are we delayed in getting new units produced?

Our new manufacturer like others is awaiting specialized parts.  In our case, it’s for tooling to complete the molds for our full-size floats.   We have obtained some emergency inventory to ship out as many of our early preorders as possible in June.    Once that is completed, we will let the VIP Ordering list know when they can order.  If you received a text message with a link to this page, you are on the list.     This is where signup access to the VIP list can be found.

Production Status:  The manufacturer is almost done with the testing of foam formation within a smaller mold.  This includes the foam expansion for the correct density along with new features and color testing.

Once that stage is successful, they will construct the full-size mold to produce the larger original size float.  

The group has received the equipment, however, it requires a special electrical unit which is delayed due to assembly backlogs on electrical components.  The expected delay could push product completion out 60 days.   To say the least, we are disappointed.
Pre-Order units for shipping:
To fulfill the strong response in pre-orders, we will ship out our remaining inventory of floats 
We will notify those preorder customers of the shipping status.
We will notify each of our customers via email of this status.

Shared Testimonial by a mother and her son June 2022: 
We just had to share this from our form.  As part of our VIP signup form, we allow space for additional comments:  Thank you Kristin of Phoenix, AZ


This is by far the best floatation device that we have tried for my son. He has a very rare neurological deteriorating disease. He has never walked however every summer we swim. He loves it! He is absolutely free in the water and I love just watching him. He has outgrown the baby floats long ago but is still to little and skinny for the bigger ones. We go to a place called Ryan House which is where we first tried your float. It was amazing and I literally started to cry. I would love to be on your waiting list for this. I really hope this is possible for this summer. Thank you