Have you ever viewed footage of astronauts in space experiencing weightlessness through zero gravity and secretly desired to know what that feels like? Well, let’s be honest. Unfortunately, that feeling has only been reserved for a fortunate few, until now.

    Welcome to the arrival of the Float’n Thang! Most flotation devices only allow you to float on top of the water, exposing you to more of the elements. But the Float’n Thang’s unique design and solid, closed cell foam, allows you to be comfortably submerged weightlessly while taking the stress off your back and joints that most other physical activities can cause. The many benefits of aquatic therapy have increasingly come to light within the rehabilitation community. While using the Float’n Thang, many people suffering from physical disabilities will receive relief from pain and have the opportunity to gain strength and confidence.


     While the Float’n Thang has many therapeutic advantages, let’s not forget the “fun” factor. Experience one of the many positions allowed, from floating on your back, to feeling zero gravity in the “under the arms” or in the “saddle” position. Small and light enough to carry over your shoulder, yet strong enough to float up to 300 lbs, there’s plenty of fun and enjoyment to go around. And, the built-in beverage holders will allow you to stay hydrated in the heat.


    So, are you at a loss for coming up with a unique gift idea this holiday season for a loved one or special friend that would really benefit?  Why let the astronauts have all the fun? Get the gift that will keep on giving for years to come, right here on earth. The patented Float’n Thang is guaranteed not to leak, deflate, fade, peel or lose buoyancy. With all that going for it, get one for yourself, too, and take advantage of the 2-pack special!          


Go out and get the best, and just forget the rest. You know you want to.

                                   The Original Float’n Thang!