Health Tracking Solution



As the inventor of the Float’n Thang®, a fitness/flotation device that aids individuals through aquatic workouts, I’ve created a product that provides a beneficial workout in a gravity-free environment.   Visit: for 2021 Specials

After an injury, the ability to exercise your arms and legs while floating freely can provide an expedited healing process. Spending at least 30 minutes in the pool or local lake with an aquatic workout, using the Float’n Thang in one of its versatile floating positions, (the saddle float or underarm float position) has just been taken to the next level with The Whoop! Having a personal device to track your heart rate, and several other key factors, was the only thing missing.

I love this device (the Whoop) since it’s waterproof and wearable which focuses on high-level measuring valuations.  I can gauge when I’m slightly off, or not 100% one day, vs. how close I am to my daily peak performance.    The ability to swim while using your legs in a paddling fashion can now be tracked.  I need only pick “Choose Activity” & Operations – Water.    Dozens of different activities can be selected.  Track Mountain Biking Health Levels

The Whoop is simply strapped to your wrist. The device, (not a timepiece), stores all heart rate and the all-important HRV Heart Rate Variability.    Understanding how important the HRV is can really guide you to peak activities. The Whoop will also track your sleep in 4 different ways.   Recovery is extremely important to be at your best. Over days, weeks and months, your device which resides on your mobile personal app, will offer an in-depth look at daily heart health and more. It offers daily tips and detailed physical lessons on the Whoop device readings.

The Whoop device is free.  You need only pay a monthly fee of $30.  You can get a free month through our link.  Once you join, you can invite your friends.  Create your own group and you can see how your friends or loved ones are doing