Innovation in Personal Flotation Continues the Course of Evolution

Like everything else that evolves so also does flotation.   From the design to the type of construction, we are finding advancements in foam technology.  Some types of float are almost hard to see the difference from vinyl dipped sponge floats vs a solid closed cell form.  The difference is noticed once the sponge float gets a rip and reveals a white sponge.  That leads to the float absorbing water, loses balance and buoyancy and renders the float useless.

Our customers have confirmed our decision to go with the best in personal flotation.  We use a Solid Closed Cell Foam.  Made in the USA

Personal Flotation Devices - From boating to pool floats

Innovation in Flotation





After Polling people during our live events and repeat purchases, our customers confirmed: It’s worth the investment!  We made the decision to construct the Float’n Thang using the best possible material, solid closed-cell foam. Sure, we could have made it for less, using the standard inexpensive vinyl-painted sponge. Or made it inflatable and vulnerable to leaks. But, we believe our customers are tired of buying pool floats, season after season.  They are frustrated with flotation that’s not functional, is not durable, and either takes in water or deflates. The Float’n Thang will never lose buoyancy. It’s extremely functional, allowing a variety of floating positions, while it holds your beverages. We also guarantee it won’t chip, fade or peel. So, STOP buying cheap and cutting corners. It’s time to step up to a luxury float that’s going to last. That’s why people appreciate and get the most enjoyment floating on the Float’nThang®.

Sunshine Innovation LLC is offering America’s 1st Multi-Use (PFD) at a luxury level.  USA Made & Patented