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Reasons Why People are Obsessed with these Personal Flotation Devices – The Float’n Thang®

8 Things That Make The Float’nThang the Best Personal Flotation in the History of In Water Floating.

1. One size fits all! Made to fit around the human body of all sizes.

2. Can be used on Paddleboards, Kayaks, Beach, or any Chair as a Comfy Backrest with beverage holders – Even designed to allow attachment of safety leash.

3. Can be used while boating and floating. What boat bumper can do this?  The Float’n Thang can act as a temporary bumper.

4. Revolutionary Flotation allowing users to float in several different positions. Great Fun!

5. Everyone can use the Float’nThang. Individuals who suffer from disabilities love the Thang.

6Excellent for fitness such as core development, while using a paddleboard (setting on the device)

7. Made to last, with solid closed cell construction. Needs no inflation.  Guaranteed against, fading, chipping, leaking and never get moldy.

8.Designed with safety in mind and easy storage

When considering a personal flotation device, consider one that will last for years, does multiple functions both in and out of the water, and one that will give you many fun and health benefits for your body. 

Multi Use Personal Flotation Device

The only Thang like it on the market – Patent Pending – Made in the USA