Float’n Thang in Blue Zero Gravity Flotation


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Enjoy our patented Zero Gravity Multi-Use Device.  A product that provides many functions outside of just floating.    We use the most advanced closed cell Technology     Using only the best material to make your Personal Flotation Device (PFD) last for years.

Benefits:   •No Inflation Needed •Fitness (in and out of the water)   •Floating Device  •Cushion Seat  •Beverage Holders  •Back Support  •Easy to attached items to  •Light up your pool with underwater (optional) LED lighting  •Temporary boat bumper/fender  •Provides a stable flotation support.    Consider The FloatnThang™ as the MacGyver of personal flotation.  Simple to use, without strings, ropes, clips, and drys off in seconds.

Fitness for those Abdominal Muscles (core) while on that Paddleboard or at home.  Sitdown Paddleboarding (SDP) position provides excellent paddling power while relieving pressure on the lower back, increased power when rowing/paddling.  Many people tend to stay on their knees.  That can become uncomfortable after a period of time.  Also, it may not be good for the knees in the long run.  People have commented that having a small seat would be perfect. Something to fit between them and the board.   Keeping it simple! The Float’nThang does just that!

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